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7 appointed members complete Macao legislatur­e


MACAO — Ho Iat-seng, chief executive of the Macao Special Administra­tive Region, has appointed seven members to its seventh Legislativ­e Assembly, the SAR Official Gazette said on Thursday.

It said that in accordance with Macao’s Basic Law and the regulation on the election for Macao’s legislatur­e, Ho appointed Ma Chi-seng, Iau Teng-pio, Pang Chuan, Wu Chou-kit, Kou Kamfai, Chan Hou-seng, and Cheung Kin-chung as legislator­s.

The election was held on Sept 12, with 14 candidates winning directly elected seats and 12 winning indirectly elected seats. Over 100,000 voters cast ballots to exercise their civic duty, the SAR government said.

The Court of Final Appeal of the Macao Special Administra­tive Region confirmed the results of the Legislativ­e Assembly direct and indirect elections on Tuesday.

The appointmen­ts by Ho take the total number of legislator­s to the full complement of 33. The legislatur­e will begin its fouryear term of office next month.

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