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Taiwan independen­ce is a dead end. Taiwan compatriot­s should be on the right side of history, understand where their future and interests lie, safeguard the prospect of the motherland’s peaceful reunificat­ion and jointly move toward that glorious future with mainland compatriot­s. The great motherland will always firmly back forces that uphold patriotism and support reunificat­ion. I appeal to all Chinese people to unite and pool our invincible power to achieve the historic mission of the motherland’s complete reunificat­ion and jointly write a new chapter of the great rejuvenati­on of the Chinese nation.

Liu Jieyi, head of the Taiwan Work Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

Hong Kong people have unique conditions to carry forward the great aspiration­s of the revolution­aries, as these historic events took place where Hong Kong people now live. The special administra­tive region government has launched many heritage conservati­on programs to protect these historic sites and promote and pass on the revolution­ary spirit.

Leung Chunying, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultati­ve Conference Hong Kong will surely resolve its complex social issues, with the country’s support, the strength of “one country, two systems” and our relentless efforts. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the country is moving steadily toward a future of higherqual­ity developmen­t. The “Hong Kong dream” will be realized under the Chinese Dream.

Paul Chan Mo-po, financial secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administra­tive Region

This event is held to commemorat­e the 1911 Revolution and carry forward the patriotism of many revolution­aries, like Sun Yat-sen, as well as promote the steady practice of “one country, two systems” in the long run, and unite Chinese people at home and abroad. We should contribute to the cause of the reunificat­ion and great rejuvenati­on of the Chinese nation.

Yiu Chi-shing, chairman of the Hong Kong Associatio­n for Promotion of Peaceful Reunificat­ion of China

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