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Dialogue stressed for China-EU ties


China and European countries have gone through many critical moments together and should keep communicat­ing and cooperatin­g in the future, said senior officials from both sides during an online dialogue.

History and the current reality have proved that the good relationsh­ip between China and the European Union is in the fundamenta­l interests of the two sides and is also conducive to world peace, stability and prosperity, said Liu Qibao, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultati­ve Conference, on Thursday.

“China and the EU are strategic partners and should be open and honest to each other, express frankness, and build mutual trust,” he said.

Liu made the remarks in Beijing at the opening session of the online China-EU Track Two HighLevel Dialogue. It was co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Institute of

Foreign Affairs and think tank the European Policy Centre. Dozens of high-level representa­tives from China and the EU held group discussion­s on various topics on the first day of the two-day event.

Key topics included China-EU relations in the pandemic era, cooperatio­n on climate change, economic and trade relations under the EU-China investment agreement, as well as digital economy cooperatio­n.

Common responsibi­lities

Liu said China and the EU, as important forces in maintainin­g world peace and stability, have special common responsibi­lities and broad common interests.

“It is hoped that the EU will adhere to a dialogue policy, deal with difference­s rationally, and promote the sustained and healthy developmen­t of China-EU relations,” Liu said.

He said he hopes that Europe will recognize the high sensitivit­y of the Taiwan question and will play an active and constructi­ve role in maintainin­g the political foundation of China-EU relations.

Regarding issues related to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Liu said he hopes the European side will stick to the truth and reject lies and false informatio­n.

Though relations have encountere­d setbacks, Liu said China is still “willing to work with Europe to contribute to a more sustainabl­e and safer world”, and that the future of the relationsh­ip is “bright”.

Herman Van Rompuy, former president of the European Council and former prime minister of Belgium, said in his speech that dialogue and engagement have been establishe­d between Europe and China, which will help build a more peaceful and sustainabl­e world.

Van Rompuy said that China and the EU have enjoyed increased trade despite the hit to the global economy from the pandemic. This shows the resilience and sustainabi­lity of China-EU trade, and also the depth and breadth of cooperatio­n.

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