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Victoria braces for more lockdown protests


Police in the state of Victoria were preparing on Thursday to continue to confront and contain demonstrat­ors who have been rampaging through the state capital Melbourne’s central business district. Police made more than 200 arrests on Wednesday as throngs of protesters flooded through the streets, bringing traffic to a grinding halt. Victorian Police Chief Commission­er Shane Patton, speaking to local media on Thursday, said riot police, armed with tear gas and rubber bullets, would continue to be out in force. The protests were initially orchestrat­ed by constructi­on workers opposed to new vaccine mandates placed on their industry. Other people, including anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown demonstrat­ors, quickly joined the fray in a defiant show of opposition to the state’s handling of the pandemic. Victoria reported 766 new locally acquired cases on Thursday, topping its previous daily high of 725 hit on Aug 5, 2020.

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