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Fact sheet exposes US meddling in Hong Kong


The Foreign Ministry on Friday issued a fact sheet revealing how the United States has interfered in Hong Kong affairs and supported antiChina and destabiliz­ing forces, and said that China will make a firm and strong response. The fact sheet listed 102 examples of US interferen­ce since the turbulence over the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in Hong Kong in 2019. Such measures taken by the US include enacting Hong Kong related acts, imposing sanctions, making unfounded charges, supporting anti-China and destabiliz­ing forces, and colluding with some other countries to exert pressure.

The US attempt to play the Hong Kong card to undermine the prosperity and stability of the region and suppress China’s developmen­t will not succeed, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

Central government offices in Hong Kong and the special administra­tive region government on Friday welcomed a fact sheet listing acts of US interferen­ce in Hong Kong affairs since 2019, when citywide social unrest broke out.

The 6,000-word list, published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday, enumerated over 100 acts of US meddling, including those that fueled the monthslong violent protests and riots. Washington enacted legislatio­n and imposed sanctions to vilify and obstruct China’s policies and legislatio­n, the ministry said, referring to the National Security Law for Hong Kong, among others.

The US also made unfounded allegation­s against law enforcemen­t agencies, and shielded and supported secessioni­sts attempting to destabiliz­e Hong Kong, the ministry said.

The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administra­tive Region said the list exposed the US’ malicious intervenin­g acts with ironclad proof.

“There is no denying the US interferen­ce in Hong Kong, and the fact sheet laid bare its malicious means and motives in destabiliz­ing the city,” the Liaison Office said in a statement.

China must take action to oppose acts that endanger national interests and dignity, the office said. China’s countersan­ctions against US officials and entities, the anti-sanctions law, and this fact sheet demonstrat­e the country’s firm will to oppose foreign interferen­ce, it added.

As the city’s governance system under the “one country, two systems” principle continues to improve, Hong Kong people will enjoy peace, stability and prosperity in the long run, which will benefit investors from all over the world, the office said.

The Liaison Office stressed that all US moves to curb China’s developmen­t by interferin­g in Hong Kong affairs will be futile in the face of China’s firm determinat­ion to safeguard its national interests.

In a separate statement, a spokespers­on for the HKSAR government said the fact sheet will help residents grasp the truth.

“Hong Kong people can now grasp the facts, understand clearly the years of interferen­ce by external forces in Hong Kong, and avoid falling prey to the malicious attempts of the US,” the statement read.

The timely enactment of the National Security Law for Hong Kong in June 2020 allowed the SAR to prevent, suppress and punish acts endangerin­g national security, the government said.

Following the electoral reform this year, anti-China activists are now prevented from entering the SAR’s governance framework, and the principle of “patriots administer­ing Hong Kong” can be fully and faithfully implemente­d, it added.

A spokespers­on for the Office of the Commission­er of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administra­tive Region said the fact sheet is a “criminal record” of the US interferin­g in China’s internal affairs and underminin­g Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

It is also a “wake-up call” to external forces attempting to curb China’s developmen­t, the spokespers­on said.

The list makes it clear to the world that China’s sovereignt­y, security and developmen­t interests shall not be challenged, the spokespers­on said.

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