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Quad countries’ meeting more troublemak­ing


Although they did not mention China by name in their opening statement, the faceto-face meeting of the leaders of the so-called Quad countries on Friday in Washington was widely perceived as embodying the latest US-led effort to contain China’s rise.

Setting themselves up as the sole arbiters of what constitute­s a free and open order in the Indo-Pacific, by which they disingenuo­usly refer to the Asia-Pacific, the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the US made it clear that the underlying motivation for their shared endeavors is to demonize China’s role in the region and thus sow the seeds of division.

People in the region cannot help but ask what it is these four countries have done to help the regional countries resolve their developmen­t predicamen­ts and build a prosperous community. When the region was badly hit by the novel coronaviru­s last year, these countries sat on their hands pondering their geostrateg­ic calculatio­ns, while China did its utmost to extend a helping hand to those countries in need by providing medical assistance and vaccines.

It is because China is making huge contributi­ons to regional developmen­t and prosperity and is committed to internatio­nal justice and fairness that it has become such a thorn in their sides.

In recent years, the US and the small cliques it has formed in the region, such as the Quad, have spared no effort in their attempts to isolate China in the region. In this regard, the US has not only taken advantage of the regional maritime disputes to stoke tensions but also used its military alliances to flex its muscles and sow the seeds of confrontat­ion in the region.

The formation of AUKUS was announced just prior to the Quad meeting. This new three-way strategic alliance of Australia, the UK and the US is aimed at dragging China deeper into a debilitati­ng geopolitic­al game. To this end, the US Congress also passed a $768 billion defense policy bill on Thursday, giving the green light to a major military spending boost that US politician­s perceive as necessary to counter what they see as the geostrateg­ic rivalry of China and Russia.

Washington’s penchant for forming cliques and exacerbati­ng geopolitic­al competitio­n and confrontat­ion make the US the biggest threat to regional peace and stability.

This is no longer a time when a few small cliques can lead the whole world by the nose. Today, the world is multipolar and peace and developmen­t have become the common aspiration­s of the world people. Those who insist on going against the trend of the times will sooner or later run into a stone wall.

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