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Art and sport no longer college shortcuts


The Ministry of Education released a document on Friday requiring art academies, sport colleges and universiti­es with art and sport majors to increase the weight of their applicants’ academic performanc­e in the enrollment procedure.

For too long, while enrolling art and sport students, the schools tend to pay more attention to their applicants’ achievemen­ts in art and sport than to their academic performanc­e.

The enrollment exams for art and sport majors were initially designed for those students gifted in these two fields, but many students who are not gifted in these areas with relatively poor academic performanc­e view them as a way to enter college. That explains why the art and sport colleges are regarded as being the cradles of illiterate artists and athletes.

That is also why some entertainm­ent and sport celebritie­s and famous artists cannot behave themselves as a role model for their fans.

Through issuing the document, the Ministry of Education has sought to address the problems, as it decrees the schools raise the academic threshold for entrants.

If this instructio­n is strictly implemente­d, those preparing to major in art and sport in universiti­es must be prepared to set aside time and energy to cram for Chinese, math and English exams, which are the three main subjects in the national college entrance exams.

The document stresses that the college entrance exams for art and sport majors must be carried out under close scrutiny and be better regulated, as it is no secret that the enrollment of the art and sport schools tends to be a hotbed of corruption, as it depends on the juries of the schools to judge which students do a better job in arts and sports, so the evaluation process is quite subjective. Some deep-pocket parents can buy their children’s way into the college through bribing the jury members.

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