Chi­nese quan­tum de­vel­op­ment time­line

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2011: The Min­istry of Science and Tech­nol­ogy launches a project to cre­ate a quan­tum chip con­tain­ing three qubits (units of quan­tum in­for­ma­tion).

2013: Chi­nese sci­en­tist Pan Jian­wei and his team be­come the first in the world to solve lin­ear equa­tions us­ing quan­tum com­put­ers.

2014: First gen­er­a­tion three-qubit quan­tum chip pro­to­type is born.

2015: Google, NASA and Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Santa Bar­bara, an­nounce they had sta­bi­lized an ar­ray of nine-qubit en­tan­gle­ment in su­per­con­duct­ing quan­tum pro­ces­sors. (En­tan­gle­ment is when par­ti­cles are grouped in ways that al­low them to in­flu­ence each other.) The sec­ond gen­er­a­tion of China’s three-qubit quan­tum chip is born.

2016: China be­comes the first coun­try to achieve a 10-qubit en­tan­gle­ment in pho­tons. Third- and fourth- gen­er­a­tion quan­tum chips, con­tain­ing four and 10 qubits, re­spec­tively, are born. China cre­ates the world’s first pho­ton quan­tum com­puter

2017: Chi­nese sci­en­tists sta­bi­lize an ar­ray of 10-qubit en­tan­gle­ment in su­per­con­duct­ing quan­tum pro­ces­sors. They plan to scale up the pho­ton quan­tum com­puter to 20 qubits by year’s end.

2020: China plans to com­plete a pho­ton quan­tum com­puter with 50 qubits, reach­ing global quan­tum supremacy.

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