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Forum for coordinate­d developmen­t of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

China’s northern region is set to see greater developmen­t as the two municipali­ties of Beijing and Tianjin continue to integrate their economies with the surroundin­g province of Hebei. One major feature of the coordinate­d plan is to promote the relocation of labor from major cities, including the Chinese capital, to more rural locations in Hebei province, while also creating new jobs. Under the integrated framework, which was announced by the General Administra­tion of Customs in 2014 and is more colloquial­ly known as “Jing-Jin-Ji”, six major areas of focus have been outlined: relocation, industrial upgrading, transport integratio­n, environmen­tal protection, public service and people.

On July 26, the forum for coordinate­d developmen­t of BeijingTia­njin-Hebei region was held at in Beijing, during which government officials, business elites and authoritat­ive scholars shared their opinions and explore future opportunit­ies.

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