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The Chinese economy has been growing rapidly for more than two decades and is forcefully changing the global economic pattern.

It seems that the world was ill-prepared for such dramatic changes in China. This has made it even more necessary for China to understand itself and to deepen its knowledge of the rest of the world. In turn, the world also needs to better comprehend China’s background and current situation. Thus, it has become an international trend to study China and to explore the global meaning of the China phenomenon. However, despite the fact that learning Chinese as a foreign language is in vogue throughout the world, few foreigners can read Chinese articles without difficulty. ChinaEconomist , therefore, comes in handy for our foreign readers as an English periodical that focuses on economics and business management as well as on other fields of social sciences in China.

Specifically, ChinaEconomist ’s role is to inform the world of the latest academic progress in Chinese economics and business management, to publish original academic papers and research reports on the Chinese economy, and to disseminate China’s experience in economic development and corporate governance as well as the results of empirical studies in these fields.

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