Khuram Iqbal

China International Studies (English) - - Significance And Security Of Cpec: A Pakistani Per -

is Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, National Defense University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

1 Historically China was connected with the Indian sub-continent through three Silk Roads and the southern route linked the Middle Kingdom with the East Bengal (now areas comprising modern-day Bangladesh).

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9 The initiative is fluid, hence the implementation cost is likely to fluctuate.

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24 From December 2014 till June 2016, the Pakistan Army and civilian law enforcement agencies carried out approximately 19,347 intelligence-based operations in different parts of the country, which killed 213 terrorists and led to the arrests of thousands of sleeper cells of terrorist organizations including Daesh. For more details see “Gains in Operations but NAP Needs Govt Action: Army,” Dawn, June 16, 2016, http://

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