SiC Components via SLS Combined with Reaction Sintering

China Mechanical Engineering - - 中国机械工程 -

FU Minhui1 LIU Kai2 LIU Jie1 TAN Yuanliang2

1.State Key Laboratory of Materials Processing and Die & Mould Technology,Huazhong University of

Science and Technology,Wuhan,430074

2.School of Materials Science and Engineering,Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan,430070 Abstract: In order to obtain high density,high performance,complex structures of SiC ceramic parts,a mechanical mixing method was proposed to prepare the SiC composite powder which contained phenolic resin binder and curing agent urotropine. The composite powders in SLS formed the ceramic bil⁃ lets,and the ceramic billet sintering atmosphere and siliconizing processing,making it react with matrix sintering,eventually forming a complex ceramic profiled. When the laser power,scanning velocity, scanning spacing,layer thickness are 8 W,2 000 mm / s,0.1 mm,0.15 mm respectively,the SLS parts have the highest relative density and strength. SLS specimen were degreased and high temperature sili⁃ conizing processed reasonably,the bending strength of SiC ceramics sintered parts reached 81 MPa,and the relative density is greater than 86% after high temperature siliconizing process.

Key words: selective laser sintering(SLS);silicon carbide(SiC);phenolic resin;reaction sintering

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