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July 15, Wuhan, Hubei Prov­ince: Peo­ple play in a wa­ter park. A lengthy heat wave drove many cit­i­zens to the wa­ter park for cool fun. China en­tered Toufu, the first phase of Sanfu Days, also known as the dog days of sum­mer, on July 12.

“Fu” means ly­ing with one’s face down, a ref­er­ence to weather so hot that peo­ple rest on the floor to keep their body cool. “Sanfu Days” re­fer to the hottest days of the year, which are split into three pe­ri­ods: Toufu (first fu), Zhongfu (mid­dle fu) and Mofu (last fu). This year, Sanfu Days last for 40 days stretch­ing from July 12 to Au­gust 20.

When the Sanfu Days ar­rive, many Chi­nese peo­ple line up at clin­ics to re­ceive San­fu­tie, a ban­dage made of tra­di­tional Chi­nese herbal medicine that is used to treat cough­ing, asthma and arthri­tis. In many parts of China, it’s a tra­di­tion to eat spe­cial dumplings on the first day of Toufu, that is, Toufu Dumplings.

By Xiong Qi/xin­hua

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