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Xi Honors Top Scientists


January 8, Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping (center) presents China’s top science award to virologist Hou Yunde (left) and explosives expert Wang Zeshan for their outstandin­g contributi­ons to scientific and technologi­cal innovation.

Wang Zeshan, an academicia­n at the Chinese Academy of Engineerin­g (CAE), is known as the “King of Explosives” for his research into compounds with important civilian and military applicatio­ns. Hou Yunde, also an academicia­n at the CAE, is the founder of China’s a’s work in modern virology. He laid the foundation for China’s ina’s molecular virus research, wrote numerous textbooks, created China’s first geneticall­y engineered drugs—highly potent medicines that can be mass-produced—saving millions of lives and billions for the country’s economy.

The nation’s top science award comes with a prize e of 5 million yuan (US$769,000). Twenty-nine scientists sts have received the award since it was establishe­d in 2000. 00.

 ?? by Ju Peng/xinhua nhua ??
by Ju Peng/xinhua nhua

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