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Source: “As a ba­sic po­lit­i­cal sys­tem in China, multi-party co­op­er­a­tion and po­lit­i­cal con­sul­ta­tion led by the Com­mu­nist Party of China (CPC) is a po­lit­i­cal in­ven­tion jointly in­no­vated by the CPC, the Chinese peo­ple, all nonCom­mu­nist par­ties and those without party af­fil­i­a­tion—a new party sys­tem sprout­ing from Chinese soil.”

In­ter­pre­ta­tion: On March 4, 2018, Xi Jin­ping at­tended a joint panel dis­cus­sion with po­lit­i­cal ad­vi­sors from the China Demo­cratic League and the China Zhi Gong Party (both nonCom­mu­nist par­ties in China), those without party af­fil­i­a­tion and those from the All-china Fed­er­a­tion of Re­turned Over­seas Chinese (a na­tional or­ga­ni­za­tion com­pris­ing re­turned over­seas Chinese and their fam­i­lies) dur­ing the first ses­sion of the 13th CPPCC Na­tional Com­mit­tee. In a speech there, Xi elab­o­rated: First, the sys­tem is po­lit­i­cal re­al­ity, new be­cause and party truly, the­ory it ex­ten­sively com­bines with China’s Marx­ist and in the long term rep­re­sents fun­da­men­tal in­ter­ests of all peo­ple and all eth­nic groups. Sec­ond, the sys­tem is new be­cause it unites all po­lit­i­cal par­ties and peo­ple without party af­fil­i­a­tion to­wards a com­mon goal. Third, the sys­tem is new be­cause it pools ideas and sug­ges­tions through in­sti­tu­tional, pro­ce­dural and stan­dard­ized ar­range­ments and de­vel­ops a sci­en­tific and demo­cratic de­ci­sion-mak­ing mech­a­nism.

March 5, 2018: Pres­i­dent Xi Jin­ping joins a panel dis­cus­sion with NPC deputies from the In­ner Mon­go­lia Au­tonomous Re­gion. by Xie Huanchi/xin­hua

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