Long­est Stay in Sim­u­lated Moon Lab

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May 15, Bei­jing: Vol­un­teer Liu Hui pre­pares to leave the Yue­gong-1, or Lu­nar Palace 1, a sim­u­lated space lab, at Bei­hang Univer­sity.

Chi­nese vol­un­teers have com­pleted a one-year test liv­ing in the sim­u­lated space lab in Bei­jing, set­ting a new record for the long­est stay in a self-con­tained cabin. The to­tal length of the test, which started on May 10 last year, reached 370 days, with the third stage ac­count­ing for 110 days.

Liu Hong, chief de­signer of the Yue­gong-1, said that the test marks the long­est stay in a bio-re­gen­er­a­tive ive life sup­port sys­tem (BLSS), in which hu­mans, an­i­mals, s, plants and micro­organ­isms co­ex­ist in a closed en­v­i­ron- nment, sim­u­lat­ing a lu­nar base.

The pre­vi­ous record was set in the former Soviet t Union, where three peo­ple stayed for 180 days in a simi- mi­lar closed ecosys­tem in the early 1970s.

by Ju Huan­zong/xin­hua nhua

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