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The gov­ern­ment should al­ways keep in mind that it should not do any­thing that ex­ceeds the scope of its author­ity in ac­cor­dance with the law. Since the re­fusal to process divorce ap­pli­ca­tions on the Qixi Fes­ti­val has no le­gal basis, the new pol­icy is il­le­gal. It is un­der­stand­able that reg­is­tra­tion of­fices are busy on such a mean­ing­ful date and some ar­gue that post­pon­ing divorce pro­ce­dures for one day is plain com­mon­sense. But when com­mon­sense con­tra­dicts the law, the lat­ter should al­ways take prece­dence. Mar­riage and divorce are equal rights granted to cit­i­zens and guar­an­teed by the law, and nei­ther of them is su­pe­rior to the other in all re­spects. On the Qixi Fes­ti­val, cit­i­zens have the right to get mar­ried or di­vorced as long as it is their wish. The gov­ern­ment au­thor­i­ties have no right to in­ter­fere. groups at the ex­pense of oth­ers, and all cit­i­zens should be able to en­joy equal rights.

Af­ter all, in a time when peo­ple even hold par­ties to cel­e­brate their divorce, you can­not deny the pos­si­bil­ity that some­one might want a divorce pre­cisely on the day of the Qixi Fes­ti­val, maybe to re­mind them­selves of what they have learned from their mar­riage. It would be such a dis­ap­point­ment for them to find out they are pre­vented from do­ing so.

Pub­lic ad­min­is­tra­tions should main­tain and en­force a sense of serv­ing the peo­ple. They should be able to forecast the peaks of work­load and act ac­cord­ingly, for ex­am­ple by adding tem­po­rary staff or com­puers. If they can­not solve the prob­lem by them­selves, they can also re­port to higher au­thor­i­ties for sup­port. Un­der no cir­cum­stance should re­fus­ing to pro­vide a cer­tain ser­vice be taken as a so­lu­tion, be­cause it vi­o­lates the civil rights of the peo­ple. It doesn’t mat­ter if only a few peo­ple are af­fected by this de­ci­sion, be­cause their rights should be fully respected.

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