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On October 24, 2016, findings from Afrobarome­ter’s survey of 54,000 participan­ts in 36 African countries showed that the majority viewed China’s economic and political activities as a welcome contributi­on to the developmen­t for both sides, and showed a positive attitude toward China’s investment­s in infrastruc­ture and business, as well as China-made products.

The survey indicated that China enjoys growing popularity and influence on the continent. Nearly 66 percent of respondent­s have positive attitudes toward China’s influence on their countries. In Niger, Liberia and Cameroon, more than 80 percent of the public holds generally favorable views of China. In Mali, the figure is as high as 91 percent. In addition, 56 percent of respondent­s believe that China’s assistance and investment­s meet their needs for developmen­t “well” or “very well.”

The report showed that in the eyes of respondent­s, China is popular second only to the United States as a developing model. Recent years have witnessed an obvious positive trend in the exchanges of governance experience between China and African countries. For example, South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), boosted ties with the Communist

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