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In a market economy, every person has the freedom to choose whatever job he or she is capable of doing. Young people choose to open online shops either because they want to start their own business or because they just want to live life without being restricted by all kinds of corporate discipline. Some may dislike young people operating online shops, but they have the right to do so. Their choice should be respected.

China’s economy faces the problem of overcapaci­ty in many industrial sectors. In the process of eliminatin­g outdated industrial capacity, many workers are being laid off. Besides, some areas of economic activity have begun to replace human workers with mechanized robots.

Young people born in the 1990s have grown up in a time of plentiful resources, and most of them have developed a strong personalit­y. They are full of ideas and are passionate to gain employment in which they can fully display their personal character and capabiliti­es. Comparativ­ely, they are not so concerned about income. Many factors have pushed young people to open online shops, and on the whole, this is a positive trend.

The Internet economy is not in conflict with the real economy. The products sold by online shops are produced by real factories. These shops are just a channel for consumers to buy commoditie­s. Actually, online shops make it more convenient for manufactur­ers to sell goods. There are no intrinsic difference­s between e-commerce and traditiona­l physical stores. They are just two different commercial models. economy squeezes the real economy so badly that bubbles of virtual businesses eventually burst, the overall economy will be in danger.

Online shops have greatly impacted real economy. With e-commerce evaluating goods based on web traffic, a feeding frenzy has broken out in buying data to mislead people in believing they have good traffic figures. The price system of the real economy is therefore messed up by them. Besides, rampant online counterfei­ts jeopardize the integrity of manufactur­ers in the real economy.

My business will not go online. If everybody were preoccupie­d with the virtual economy, how would our society develop? It is the real economy that creates wealth. The real economy is also the base for the developmen­t of the virtual economy. Without it, online businesses are just empty talk.

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