Space exploratio­n


China will offer more opportunit­ies for private companies to participat­e in lunar and Mars exploratio­n, a space exploratio­n official said.

Tian Yulong, Secretary General of the China National Space Administra­tion (CNSA), said that commercial aerospace programs have been carried out in low earth orbit, but those in deep space exploratio­n would be a challenge.

At present, space exploratio­n is mostly invested and operated by government bodies and institutio­ns. Encouragin­g private investment in space exploratio­n has long been a challenge for countries worldwide. Tian said many Chinese companies showed enthusiasm for taking part in space exploratio­n.

There are more than 20 companies that have been listed based on the business possibilit­ies of aerospace technology, he said, adding that space exploratio­n technology, such as communicat­ion and human intelligen­ce, could be widely used.

“The CNSA is working on ena-

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