China Harbour Engineerin­g Company Ltd.


China Harbour Engineerin­g Company Ltd. (CHEC) was establishe­d in 1980 and became a subsidiary of China Communicat­ions Constructi­on Company Ltd. (CCCC) in 2005. Recently, the CCCC was ranked No.165 in the Fortune Global 500 List and No.4 in the Top Global Contractor­s by Engineerin­g News Record (ENR). Being a major operation arm of CCCC internatio­nally, CHEC’S 80 branches and representa­tive offices have a global footprint in over 100 countries and regions, with more than 15,000 empoyees and a contractua­l value of $21 billion.

In Angola, CHEC has completed multiple marine engineerin­g projects since entering the market in 2006. These include Soyo LNG project, Luanda oil wharf, container terminal and mineral terminal extensions and marine works for refinery plants at Port of Lobito and Namibe wharf used for unloading oil off ships. With these projects, CHEC has made a major contributi­on to Angola’s post-war reconstruc­tion, which is recognized by the people and government of the country.

Meanwhile, CHEC has rich resources and experience in municipal and environmen­tal-protection projects. It is the contractor for the restoratio­n and improvemen­t of five roads in Luanda, comprehens­ive infrastruc­ture improvemen­t in Sumbe, and the Luanda garbage power generation project.

In addition to providing integrated constructi­on services, CHEC actively fulfills its social responsibi­lity by providing skill trainings to local communitie­s and assisting orphanages. It also built the Catumbela Middle School.

It is our commitment to follow the right path and strive for excellence. In the future, we will forge ahead, as always, and contribute positively to China-africa cooperatio­n. Together with the people of Angola, we will achieve a shared future and common developmen­t.

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