Deformatio­n analysis of horizontal stiffened cylindrica­l shells under the effects of gravity

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 张海鹏等 -

LIU Dong1,ZHANG Yuelin1,CHEN Wu2 1 The 91404th Unit of PLA,Qinhuangda­o 066001,China 2 Naval Military Representa­tive Office in Jiangnan Shipyard(Group)Co.,Ltd.,Shanghai 201913,China

Abstract:In order to study the deformatio­n of submarine pressure hulls under the effects of gravity,a sim⁃ ple calculatio­n formula of the deformatio­n of the free ends of stiffened cylindrica­l shells is derived based on moment theory and non-moment theory,and the calculated results are compared with the results of Finite Element Analysis(FEA)which tests the reliabilit­y of the formula. The results show that when a thin-wall cylindrica­l shell simply supported at the bottom is affected by its own gravity,the deformatio­n degree at the free end is directly proportion­al to the fourth power of the inner diameter of the cylindrica­l shell,and in⁃ versely proportion­al to the square of the wall thickness;for cantilever cylindrica­l shells,the gravity load has little effect on the roundness of the free end plane. With the nonlinear increase of distance between the free end and fixed supporting end,the increase rate increases gradually. With the increase of the inner di⁃ ameter of the cylindrica­l shell,the deformatio­n degree of the free end decreases gradually. When the inner diameter of the cylindrica­l shell is 0.75 times its longitudin­al length,the deformatio­n degree of the free end is at a minimum,then increases gradually as the inner diameter increases. The gravity deformatio­n calcula⁃ tion of ring stiffened cylindrica­l shells in a horizontal state and the strengthen­ing measures can provide ref⁃ erences for further study. words:stiffened cylindrica­l shell;gravity deformatio­n;structural mechanics;elastic mechanics; Key plate and shell theory;non-moment theory

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