Optimizati­on of pre-swirl stators based on CFD for a chemical product carrier

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 张海鹏等 -

HAN Cong1,FU Huiping1,2,MA Ning1,2,YANG Chenjun1,2 1 Collaborat­ive Innovation Center for Advanced Ship and Deep-Sea Exploratio­n,Shanghai 200240,China 2 State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineerin­g,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Shanghai 200240,China

Abstract:The viscous self-propulsion flow fields of a model-scaled 55k DWT chemical product carrier fitted with a rudder-bulb-fin and a pre-swirl stator are numericall­y simulated based on the CFD general code FLUENT. The energy saving effects of stators are evaluated through the increase of propulsive efficiency. It is found that the computed changing tendencies of almost all self-propulsion factors after being equipped with a stator are the same as in the experiment­s, such as a decreased revolution rate, increased thrust deduction and mean wake. A wake energy analysis is also conducted to verify the energy-saving effects of stators, and it shows that the stator decreases the flow of kinetic energy behind the propeller through its contra-propeller pre-swirl. Next, an optimizati­on of pre-swirl stators is conducted by CFD. Aside from the prototype stator, three modified stators are designed and the self-propulsion characteri­stics with these stators are also numericall­y simulated. The increase order of the evaluated energy-saving effects of these modified stators is seen to be the same as in the design idea. The case with the highest propulsive efficiency shows the largest increase of Ktotal before the propeller and the largest decrease of Ktotal behind the propeller relative to cases without stators. words:pre-swirl stator;energy-saving;self-propulsion;optimizati­on Key

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