Theoretica­l and experiment­al research on influencin­g factors and rules of flow-induced rudder system vibration

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 韩聪等:基于 -

XIAO Qing,HU Gangyi,XIE Junchao China Ship Developmen­t and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China

Abstract:Flow-induced rudder system vibration has a great influence on the stealthine­ss of underwater vehicles. In order to study the vibration characteri­stics of rudder systems, a mathematic­al model of a binary linear flutter rudder system is built according to a simplified rudder system structure. Next, the conditions of low speed flutter of the rudder system are determined, and the main influence factors and control rules of the low speed flutter are obtained. In addition, flow-induced vibration tests of the rudder model are made in a gravitatio­n water tunnel, and a study is made of the influences on the rudder system caused by variations in such main parameters as support stiffness, torsional stiffness, mass center position and stiffness center position. The results show that the structural design has a great influence on flow-induced rudder system vi⁃ bration. The flow-induced vibration of the rudder system can be effectivel­y suppressed through the match⁃ ing design of such parameters as the frequency ratio of heave motion and torsion motion, the ratio of the structural mass and added mass, and the positions of the stiffness center, mass center and chord center. words:rudder system;flow-induced vibration;low-speed flutter;water tunnel Key

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