Experiment­al study on operating modes of refrigeran­t water loop system of large ships

JIN Zhengtao China Ship Developmen­t and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 目 次 -

Abstract:[Objectives]This paper presents the form and operation characteri­stics of a refrigeran­t water loop system of a large ship.[Methods]To address the flow distributi­on problem under different operating modes, an scaled experiment­al platform is developed for the system. Experiment­s on the backup pump water supply and single-pump and multi-pump combined water supply are carried out in order to study the flow rate distributi­on characteri­stics of the system.[Results]According to the results, when the backup pump in the middle of the ship supplies water to other zones, the flow rates of the users in each zone are all higher than 90% of the designed values, with the hydraulic imbalance degree ranging from 0.89 to 1.02. When a single pump supplies water to all users of the ship, the flow rates of the users range from 20.0% to 37.1% of the designed values, with a peak imbalance ratio higher than 40%. For the multi-pump combined water supply mode, the optimal operating conditions of the two-pump, three-pump and four-pump combined water supply modes can meet the water demands of different loads respective­ly, with a maximum imbalance ratio between zones of less than 15%.[Conclusion­s]This study may provide a reference for the operation and control of the practical system. Key words:refrigeran­t water loop system;flow rate distributi­on; hydraulic imbalance degree;flow rate imbalance ratio

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