Manned submersible working cabin layout design method under cabin function system constraints and ergonomic constraints

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CHEN Dengkai1,2,FAN Yu1,2,ZHANG Shuai1,2,QU Junlin1,2 1 School of Mechanical Engineering,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072 China , 2 Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Design,Xi'an 710072,China The cabin layout of deep sea manned submersibles presents difficult problems, mainly regarding the reasonable arrangement of the equipment and the optimization and adjustment of the working area. Previous cabin designs were based on human muscle fatigue requirements, which easily led to the excessive concentration of equipment beyond the limited space of the phenomenon. This also caused such problems as insufficient space for the installation, use and maintenance of equipment. A two-goal-oriented design method focusing on cabin function and ergonomics may avoid these problems. this paper,we propose a layout design method based on two constraints,forming a deep sea submersible cabin layout design flow by analyzing the cabin function constraints and ergonomic constraints under two kinds of guidance. We take the 'Jiaolong' submersible cabin layout design as an example in accordance with the proposed process for program design,and use the JACK analysis system and other tools for human-computer comprehensive evaluation. This program can provide a comfortable,safe and labor-saving working environment for divers. The proposed layout design methods are reasonable and effective.[Conclusions] Research into the cabin function and ergonomics-oriented method can solve the problem of the small spatial layout of deep sea submersibles and provide references for the similar layout design of small space and multi-equipment cabins. manned submersible working cabin; layout design method ergonomic orientation cabin function system constraints

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