Test method of Poisson's ratio for low modulus elastomer

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ZHOU Jun1,MEI Zhiyuan1,WANG Yongli1,ZHOU Xiaosong2 1 College of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Naval University of Engineering,Wuhan 430033,China 2 National Academy of Defense Science and Technology Innovation,Academy of Military Sciences PLA China, Beijing 100071,China There are many problems in the axial load of low modulus and high elasticity samples, such as large deformation and poor uniformity, and it is difficult to accurately measure the Poisson's ratio of such material using the conventional resistance strain test method.[Methods] In this paper, based on the theory of elastic mechanics, the expressions of the volume compression modulus, elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of a cylindrical low modulus elastomer with radial rigidity constraint are derived. On the basis of the above theoretical analysis, this paper puts forward a test method for the axial loading Poisson's ratio of a steel sleeve radial constraint, and carries out related experimental research work on steel tube restraint to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the final verification test method. Finally, a simulation analysis of the buoyancy material model test process is carried out, and the wall thicknesses of different steel sleeves are simulated to illustrate the influence of wall thickness on the test. Research into the low modulus elastomer Poisson's ratio test method can obtain the accurate measurement of the Poisson's ratio of the material, making it suitable for studying the mechanical properties of the low modulus and elasticity modulus of the elasticity of material.[Conclusions]The research results of this paper can provide valuable references for related testing. modulus elastomer;test technique;Poisson's effect;Poisson's ratio measurement; uniaxial compression test

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