Clustering-based classification method of loading schemes of multi-span beams under multiple patch loading

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ZHU Guangji1,HE Yuansong2,WAN Qi2,LIU Jun1,CHENG Yuansheng1 1 School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074,China 2 Marine Design and Research Institute of China,Shanghai 200011,China is of great significance to classify a large number of loading schemes quickly and accurately,and obtain loading schemes with similar structural design requirements or decide the structural design of multi-span beams.[Methods]In this paper,a classification method for the loading schemes of multi-span beams under multiple patch loading is proposed. For the given multi-span beams and vehicles,the worst-case analysis of multi-span beams under multiple patch loading is used to obtain the maximum bending moment,maximum shear force and maximum deflection of a multi-span beam under all possible loading schemes;then the XB index and fuzzy C-means(FCM)algorithm are used to classify the loading schemes according to the above results. For three-span beams and four-span beams, the influence of the ratio of span and moment of inertia on the classification results is analyzed.[Results] The numerical results show that the classification of multi-span beams with different structural forms is not exactly the same. The maximum margin of error between the results of multi-span beam structures with variable span ratio or variable moment of inertia ratio calculated with the classification of equal span rigidity multi-span beams and actual worst-case results is less than 2%.[Conclusions]The relationships between the loading schemes of multi-span beams under multiple patch loading is analyzed,providing a reference for the design of deck structures under multiple patch loading. loading;multi-span beams;fuzzy C-means;XB validity index;clustering

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收稿日期:2017 06 14 网络出版时间:2018-4-11 8:44作者简介:朱广纪,男,1993年生,硕士生。研究方向:结构分析与优化。E-mail:[email protected]程远胜(通信作者),男,1962年生,博士,教授,博士生导师。研究方向:结构分析与优化,结构冲击动力学与防护设计,结构振动控制。E-mail:[email protected]

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