Energy dissipation mechanism of foam sandwich plate subjected to contact underwater explosion

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 中国舰船研究 -

ZHAO Yanjie1,2,HAO Yi1,LIU Jianhu1,ZHANG Pan3 1 China Ship Scientific Research Center,Wuxi 214082,China 2 Maritime Defense Technologies Innovation Center,Wuxi 214082,China 3 School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074,China This paper is a study of the energy dissipation mechanism of a foam sandwich plate subjected to contact underwater explosion(contact UNDEX).[Methods]First,a series of contact UNDEX tests of foam sandwich plates is carried out in order to obtain the damage modes, and anti-explosion ability comparisons between sandwich plates and mass-equal solid steel plates with different sandwich configurations are made. Then,the damage processes of foam sandwich plates under contact UNDEX are analyzed through numerical simulation,their damage modes are simulated and the amount of energy dissipated in each sandwich plate section is calculated.[Results]It is concluded from the tests that sandwich plates have superior anti-explosion ability over mass-equal solid steel plates, and sandwich plates with a thin face plate and a thick back plate is the configuration that provides optimal performance. The energy dissipation rate of a sandwich plate is 5%-8% higher than that of a solid plate. The energy dissipation mechanism of foam sandwich plates subjected to contact UNDEX is discussed on the basis of the test and simulation results. All the results can provide useful references for the anti-explosion protection design of naval ships. underwater explosion;sandwich plate;damage mode;energy dissipation

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作者简介:赵延杰(通信作者),男,1988年生,硕士,工程师。研究方向:舰艇抗爆抗冲击。E-mail:[email protected]郝轶,男,1983年生,硕士,高级工程师。研究方向:舰艇抗爆抗冲击。E-mail:[email protected]

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