Strength analysis of box girder joint structures with frames subjected to internal blast loading

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 赵延杰等:水下接触爆炸作用下泡沫夹芯板耗能机理研究 -

ZHANG Nu1,LIU Jun2,LI Kai1,LI Decong1 1 China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China 2 School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074,China In order to investigate the strength of the joint structure of box girders under internal explosion,[Methods]this paper use the explicit dynamic finite software ANSYS/LS-DYNA to establish a large complex typical cabin model. Numerical investigations are then conducted to analyze the dynamic response of different forms of joint structure under internal explosion using the ALE algorithm. The whole deformation/failure mode of cabin structures with the same charge mass and detonation position is obtained. A comparison of stress level at typical positions is then carried out in detail.[Results]The results show that the arc-arc type joint has a lower stress level compared to the bracket at the broadside. In the central position where a box girder is connected to a web beam,the arc-arc joint form is better than the other two. The findings of this paper can provide useful references for the engineering application of joint structures. explosion;blast loading;box girder;joint structure;strength analysis;numerical simulation

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