Shock mitigation properties of compound claddings subjected to underwater explosion loads

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 赵延杰等:水下接触爆炸作用下泡沫夹芯板耗能机理研究 -

YIN Caiyu1,2,JIN Zeyu1,2,CHEN Yong1,2,HUA Hongxing1,2 1 State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240,China 2 Institute of Vibration,Shock and Noises,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Shanghai 200240,China improve the shock resistance ability of submarines,[Methods]an anti-shock cladding for submarines which consists of a compound coating with rubber and plastic foam is proposed on the basis of the shock environment of submarines. The numerical model is established by Abaqus/Explicit to analyze the dynamic response of anti-shock cladding under the combined loads of hydrostatic pressure and underwater explosion loads. The results indicate that the deformation of the cladding is negligible under hydrostatic pressure,and the shock load is largely mitigated when the yield stress of the cladding is higher than the hydrostatic pressure. Conversely,the deformation of the cladding is great under hydrostatic pressure and the shock mitigation effects of the coating are weakened when the yield stress of the cladding is lower than the hydrostatic pressure. As such,the yield stress of the cladding should be higher than the hydrostatic pressure,and densification should be avoided.[Conclusions] The research findings in this paper can provide guidance for the design of anti-shock cladding for submarines. explosion;hydrostatic pressure;anti-shock cladding;plastic foam

Abstract:[Objectives]To words:underwater Key [Results]

收稿日期:2018 02 27 网络出版时间:2018-5-31 15:36基金项目:中国博士后科学基金资助项目(2017M621456);国家自然科学基金资助项目(11272215)作者简介:殷彩玉(通信作者),女,1988年生,博士。研究方向:水下爆炸冲击防护。E-mail:[email protected]金泽宇,男,1987年生,博士。研究方向:水下爆炸计算方法与冲击防护。E-mail:[email protected]

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