Effects of underwater explosion bubble on shock environment of warship

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 赵延杰等:水下接触爆炸作用下泡沫夹芯板耗能机理研究 -

ZENG Lingyu1,CAI Shang2,WANG Shiping2 1 China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China 2 College of Shipbuilding Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China order to standardize the load system of a hull's shock environment and study the effects of bubble pulsation pressure on a hull's shock environment,[Methods] acoustic-structure coupling methods are used to simulate a hull subjected to a non-contact underwater explosion. Comparing the simulation data with the experimental data in the literature,the method is shown to be effective. On this basis,the shock environment under bubble pulsation pressure is studied.[Results]The results show that bubble pulsation pressure has an amplification effect on the low frequency response of a ship,and the influence of the vertical shock spectrum is greater than in the other two directions. The upper decks are still affected more strongly by bubble pulsation,which verifies the decaying rule of the low frequency response of decks. To obtain more accurate data,a 1.5 times bubble pulsation cycle each time is recommended for experiments involving underwater explosion or the prediction of shock environments,which verifies the accuracy of the navy standard.[Conclusions]The results of this paper can be helpful for standardizing the selection of parameters in the process of shock environments, and provide a reference for shock environment forecast research. underwater explosion; shock response; bubble pulsation; low frequency load; shock environment;computational time

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