Improved third-order WENO-N3 scheme and its application in simulating explosion load in confined space

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 赵延杰等:水下接触爆炸作用下泡沫夹芯板耗能机理研究 -

XU Weizheng1,2,WU Weiguo1,2 1 Key Laboratory of High Performance Ship Technology of Ministry of Education,Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430063,China 2 School of Transportation,Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan 430063,China this paper,an improved third-order WENO scheme named 'WENO-N+3' is constructed by adding a suitable term to the weights of the conventional WENO-N3 scheme.[Methods] The precision near the critical points of WENO-N3 and the WENO-N + 3 schemes is derived using the Taylor expansion,and accuracy tests are also conducted. Shock-entropy wave interaction,interacting blast waves and Rayleigh-Taylor instability problems are selected in order to verify that the improved scheme WENO-N + 3 has less dissipation than the conventional WENO-JS3,WENO-Z3 or WENO-N3 schemes,with high-resolution flow field structures. Finally,the proposed WENO-N+3 scheme is applied to simulations of explosion loads in a confined space.[Results]The simulation results indicate that the present scheme can provide a higher shockwave peak. The findings of this paper can provide valuable references for research into the numerical calculation of internal explosion loads. WENO scheme;smoothness indicators;high resolution;hyperbolic conservation law;explosion load in confined space

Abstract:[Objectives]In Keywords:third-order [Conclusions]

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