Numerical simulation for resistance of trimaran small waterplane area center hull based on STAR-CCM+

ZHANG Mingxia,HAN Bingbing,LU Pengcheng,ZHAO Zhengbin School of Naval Architectu­re Engineerin­g,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian 116024,China

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Abstract:[Objectives] Due to its excellent seakeeping, rapidity and stability, Trimaran Small Waterplane Area Center Hull(TriSWACH)has an increasing number of applicatio­ns in both civil vessels and warships. However, the laws of resistance of different submerged body shapes and side-hull configurat­ions at different speeds still require research. As model tests are time-consuming and expensive, and cannot cover all potential hulls, numerical calculatio­n based on STAR-CCM + is becoming increasing­ly preferred.[Methods]With the free surface effect considerat­ion,STAR-CCM+ is validated to be practical for TriSWACH resistance prediction. The resistance performanc­e is calculated with different side-hull configurat­ions,including longitudin­al and transverse,of circular submerged body shapes under the Fr series. [Results] As the results indicate,with the increase of speed,when the side-hull is arranged behind and moves closer to the main hull,the total resistance of TriSWACH is significan­tly lower than that of traditiona­l trimarans,in the range of Fr=0.338~0.494.[Conclusion­s] The findings in this paper can provide useful references for future TriSWACH design. Key words:Trimaran Small Waterplane Area Center Hull (TriSWACH);ship resistance;side-hull configurat­ion;submerged body shape;numerical simulation

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