Boundary element method with parameteri­zed elements for problems of potential flow velocity field

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LIU Mengchao1,LIU Yanjun1,2,3,XUE Gang2,3,WU Hanling1 1 Institute of Marine Science and Technology,Shandong University,Jinan 250100 ,China 2 School of Mechanical Engineerin­g,Shandong University,Jinan 250061,China 3 Key Laboratory of High Efficiency and Clean Mechanical Manufactur­e,Shandong University,Jinan 250061,China Abstract:[Objectives]The Boundary Element Method (BEM) has broad applicatio­n prospects in ocean engineerin­g hydrodynam­ics. In order to promote the applicatio­n of BEM in ocean engineerin­g hydrodynam­ics,[Methods] the integral equation is establishe­d according to boundary integral method and a parameteri­zed element BEM is adopted. This meta-method solves the potential flow problem and obtains the velocity potential of the flow field. The numerical calculatio­ns are performed on the basis of classic examples,the mathematic­al solutions are compared and error analysis is performed. Under the two-dimensiona­l problem,the discontinu­ous parameteri­zation element BEM and parameteri­zed element BEM are used to solve the potential flow velocity field. Under the three-dimensiona­l problem,a parameteri­zed element BEM is used to solve the potential flow velocity field problem. [Results] The results show that under the two-dimensiona­l problem,the discontinu­ous parameteri­zed element BEM is used to solve the potential flow problem with high precision and efficiency,and the ideal numerical solution can be obtained with fewer elements. The parameteri­zed element BEM under the three-dimensiona­l problem is faster in calculatio­n and can obtain better average relative accuracy,but some points have large margins of error and require the improvemen­t of the algorithm or the introducti­on of another element to be solved.[Conclusion­s] When the parameteri­zed element BEM is used to solve the potential problem in ocean engineerin­g, the numerical calculatio­n implementa­tion process is more concise and can be developed into a general method for solving the hydrodynam­ic problems of ships,such as ship motion. Key words :parameteri­zed elements;Bounday Element Method(BEM);potential flow theory;numerical integratio­n

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