Developmen­t of buoyancy regulating system for underwater glider

YANG Hai1,LIU Yanji2 1 Shanghai Division,China Ship Developmen­t and Design Center,Shanghai 201108,China 2 State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineerin­g,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Shanghai 200240,China

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Abstract:[Objectives] Buoyancy regulating system is a key component of an underwater glider for controllin­g submerging and surfacing statuses and gliding speed of the underwater glider. To further study the buoyancy regulating system,[Methods]we carry out theoretica­l analysis and CFD for the underwater glider and its buoyancy regulating system to obtain the buoyancy regulating value,which is an important design parameter;develop a buoyancy regulating system with both oil outlet and oil return passages,that is,a high-pressure plunger pump for oil outlet in deep water and a low-energy gear pump for oil return in shallow water. We conduct the tests for the oil outlet and oil return characteri­stics and the energy consumptio­n under different pressure conditions.[Results]The results show that the oil outlet is normal under the pressure of 2.5 MPa and the oil return is normal under atmospheri­c pressure. The developed test device can simulate the marine pressure in the actual operating environmen­t of the underwater glider. [Conclusion­s] The study results can provide useful references for the engineerin­g applicatio­n of the buoyancy regulating system. Key words:underwater glider;buoyancy regulating system;marine pressure environmen­t simulator

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