Review on underwater docking technology of AUV

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ZHENG Rong1,SONG Tao1,2,SUN Qinggang1,3,GUO Jingqian1,2 1 State Key Laboratory of Robotics Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, , Shenyang 110016,China 2 School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation,Northeastern University,Shenyang 110819 China , 3 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China Abstract:Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUV)form an important link between water surface support platforms, submarine stations and deep sea long-term observation systems. The underwater docking technology of AUVs has long been a research hotspot at home and abroad. In the induction and analysis of AUV underwater docking technology at home and abroad,such as underwater box(cage)docking,robot or carrier-assisted docking,pole guidance docking,platform blocking cable docking and bell-mouth guidance docking, the implementation methods and structural principles of various AUV docking technologies at home and abroad are introduced,as well as the development status and development trends of docking technology. In light of the widely used bell-mouth guidance docking method,a submerged docking system for heavy-duty AUVs is introduced in detail. The experiment proves that this system has strong modularity and low requirements for roll attitude. It is suitable for AUVs of various sizes,and the docking success rate of the docking system is high. The findings of this study can provide useful references for the future development of AUV underwater docking technology. Key words:Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUV);underwater docking;structural principle; bell-mouth guidance docking;review

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