Design of intelligent diagnosis system for ship power equipment

ZHANG Yuewen,SUN Xiaolei,DING Yawei,SUN Peiting College of Marine Engineering,Dalian Maritime University,Dalian 116026,China

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Abstract:[Objectives] In order to adapt to the development of unmanned ships, strengthen the ship-shore integrated management of ship power equipment,reduce the workload of marine engineers, and realize on-condition maintenance of ship power equipment,this paper designs an intelligent diagnosis system of ship power equipment allowing for ship-shore integrated management.[Methods]According to the functions and features,the health status of components is evaluated with the single parameter threshold method and the radar chart,and the evaluation results are presented in the form of health scores. For components scored below 70 points, the system automatically enters the decision-making support interface,and the corresponding decision for a fault is provided for the engineer's reference. Taking the training ship "yukun" as the target ship, the intelligent diagnosis system of the actual ship power equipment is verified.[Results]The results of actual ship verification show that the intelligent diagnosis system of ship power equipment has high accuracy and operability,which realizes the transformation from "breakdown maintenance" to "on-condition maintenance". [Conclusions] The intelligent diagnosis system of ship power equipment helps improve the safety of ship operation and has certain practical value. Key words:ship;power equipment;intelligent diagnosis;state evaluation;decision-making support; health index 收稿日期:2018 - 03 - 07 网络首发时间:2018-9-28 13:45基金项目:中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金资助项目(3132016357);中国船级社项目(2015H0544)作者简介:张跃文(通信作者),男,1967年生,硕士,教授,硕士生导师。研究方向:动力装置污染控制与测试,现代轮机管

理工程,无人驾驶船舶智能运维,船舶动力装置远程监控与智能诊断。E-mail:[email protected]孙晓磊,男,1994年生,硕士生。研究方向:船舶动力装置智能诊断与优化控制,无人驾驶船舶智能运维。E-mail:[email protected]

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