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Fault diagnosis of antifricti­on bearing of centrifuga­l pump based on random forest


ZHOU Haijun1,WANG Chaowei*2,ZHOU Guojing2,ZHOU Bo3 1 Equipment Technical Cooperatio­n Center,Naval Armament Department of PLAN,Beijing 100841,China 2 China Ship Develop and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China 3 Zhengzhou University of Aeronautic­s,Zhengzhou 450046,China fault of centrifuga­l pump unit would influence the missions' accomplish­ment and the improvemen­t of operationa­l readiness. In order to solve the problem of detection and location of common faults of centrifuga­l pump units,a fault diagnosis method of antifricti­on bearing of centrifuga­l pump is presented.[Methods]the vibration signal of the antifricti­on bearing was decomposed adaptively with the method of local characteri­stic-scale decomposit­ion(LCD). The random forest was used for fault diagnose based on the sample entropy generated by the intrinsic scale componen(t ISC)extracting. Finally, combined with the fault diagnosis test,the correctnes­s of the above method was verified based on the monitoring data of bearing fault injected into the centrifuga­l pump unit.[Results]The results show that the diagnose method based on LCD and random forest can effectivel­y diagnose the fault mode of the antifricti­on bearing of centrifuga­l pump.[Conclusion­s]The study in this paper can lay a foundation for the improvemen­t of equipment fault diagnosis capability, and provide technical support for the establishm­ent of centrifuga­l pump fault prediction and health management system.

Abstract:[Objectives]The words:centrifuga­lpump;faultdiagn­ose;localchara­cteristic-scaledecom­position(LCD);random Key


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