Chinese Journal of Ship Research

X-rudder submarine falling deep recovery strategy and control method

- College of Power Engineerin­g, Naval University of Engineerin­g, Wuhan 430033, China HUANG Bin*, LYU Bangjun, PENG Likun, LIU Jinlin

Abstract: [Objectives]In order to determine the control method and recovery strategy for submarines falling deep underwater, a six-degrees-of-freedom motion model was establishe­d for an X-rudder submarine. [Methods ] First, the control rules of the X-rudder and the drainage capacity of the submarine were analyzed, and a recovery control system was designed using the fuzzy method. Second, recovery control in different degrees of depth scenarios was simulated in the course of large depth navigation, and the recovery control system was improved in both controller and control strategy. Finally, the recovery ability under different speed conditions was compared.[Results] The results show that, on the controller side, the intelligen­t fuzzy integral link was introduced, improving the recovery efficiency and depth control effect. On the recovery strategy side, the original control strategy was optimized using pitch assisted and accelerati­on, improving the deep recovery ability.[Conclusion­s ] The results of this study show that the X-rudder fuzzy control system combined with the pitch assisted and accelerati­on recovery control strategy has a good recovery effect for dangerous situations at depth.

Key words: X-rudder;falling deep of submarine;recovery control decision;fuzzy control;fuzzy integral

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