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Joonho J. Lee是kryptoconomy有限责任公司的合伙人。该公司是一家专门从事涉及区块链、加密技术、网络安全和人工/增强智能(ai)等各种行业战略数字计划开发和执行的咨询公司。 Joonho J. Lee曾担任旧金山联邦储备银行的战略及运作管理主管。 在此之前,他担任纽约联邦储备银行(FRBNY)金融机构法规小组的高级副总裁兼首席信息官,并成功领导了一项转型计划,使得金融科技、网络安全和文化等在管理和风险监管方面的能力得到进一步提升。再之前,Joonho负责信息技术服务和战略管理,以实施重大国家金融服务业务,其中包括联邦公开市场运营和国际支付。他还成立并领导了国家事故应急小组,以及用于维护全国联邦储备银行和美国财政部网络安全的网络安全能力中心,并自其成立之初便担任管理人员。

Joonho J. Lee is a general partner at Kryptoconomy LLC, a consulting firm specializing in development and execution of strategic digital initiatives in diverse industries involving Blockchain, Crypto technology, Cybersecurity and Artificial/augmented Intelligence (AI). He was a head of strategy and operation at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Prior to that, he was a Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer of financial institution regulations group at Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) where he successfully led a transformation program the next level of capabilities in regulatory and risk oversight including Fintech, Cybersecurity and culture. Prior to the role, Joonho managed information technology services and strategy to mission critical national financial service operations including federal open market operation and international payments. He also established and led National Incident Response Team, a Cybersecurity competency center for nation-wide Federal Reserve Banks and U.S. Department of Treasury, as a managing officer from the inception.

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