CFO 付仁杰


北京大学光华管理学院M BA,就读期间师从北大光华保利艺术中心赵龙凯老师,研究艺术品市场方向。先后参与建立和运营Artopia画廊、798集祥艺术品中心,致力于国内新锐艺术家的作品国际推广、艺术品鉴赏、收藏知识的普及,以及国际艺术家作品的引入。同时与英国管家服务合作,提供高端艺术品鉴赏服务。此外,多次参与《国宝档案》节目的策划和录制,对中国传统文物有较高的了解与鉴赏能力。 CFO Fu Renjie: An MBA from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. He studied the direction of artwork market from Teacher Zhao Longkai, Guanghua Poly Art Center, Peking University. He took part in the establishment and operation of Artopia Gallery and 798 Jixiang Artwork Center successively, and committed to the international promotion of domestic new artists' works, the appreciation of artworks and the popularization of collection knowledge, as well as the introduction of international artists' works. At the same time, he cooperated with British housekeeping services to provide high-end artwork appreciation services. In addition, he has participated in the planning and recording of National Treasure Archive many times and has a high understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditional cultural relics.

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