【Jennifer Jiang Brief BIO Summary / 蒋红波个人简介 】


蒋红波 Blocktest的创始人和ceo,并兼任中关村波士顿区块链创新中心总监。成为麻省理工学院2017年斯隆学者之前,她在摩根大通担任执行董事和全球人民币业务总监,并历任美林、花旗集团的投资银行高管职务。再之前曾任加拿大安大略退休基金的量化基金经理,管理超过20亿美元的全球Alpha基金。目前还兼任联合国下的id2020区块链项目的“生态系统和倡导委员会”委员,哈佛大学中国艺术数字实验室的高级顾问,MIT麻省理工创新论坛的创业导师。获有麻省理工学院(MIT) 的理学硕士(M.SC.) 、加拿大麦吉尔大学 (Mcgill University)mba以及中国人民大学数理统计本科学位。在mit的硕士论文的研究方向是“区块链的共识机制与证券化应用”,被MIT数字货币研究所推荐为MIT学生进入区块链学习的必读文献之一。是全球区块链、资本市场和企业创新国际论坛的常邀演讲嘉宾。 Jennifer Jiang is co-founder and CEO of Blocktest, and advisor to the Blockchain center at Z-park Boston Innovation Center. Prior to joining MIT as a Sloan Fellow’17 to research on blockchain, she was the executive director and global head of RMB Solutions at J.p.morgan, with more than 15 years’ experience in investment banking, structured financing and quantitative risk modelling. Her MIT master thesis was dedicated on the subject of consensus mechanism of blockchain and applications. Jennifer currently sits on the Ecosystem and Advocacy Committee of ID2020, an Un-affiliated global alliance committed to improving lives through digital identity. She also serves as the senior advisor at Harvard University CAM lab, and mentor at MIT Enterprise Forum. Jennifer obtained M.SC in Management of Technology (MOT) from MIT, MBA from Mcgill University, and bachelor in statistics from Renmin University of China. The research direction of master’s thesis in MIT is "Consensus Mechanism and Securitization Application of the Blockchain" which was recommended by the MIT Digital Money Institute as one of the must-read articles for MIT students to start the blockchain learning. A frequently invited guest speaker at the Global Forum on Blockchain, Capital Markets and Enterprise Innovation.

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