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Hong Kong (China) The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong said that tokens would be regarded as“securities”and would therefore legally fall under the SFC’S jurisdiction and subject to the securities laws of Hong Kong. When facing the uncertainty brought by regulation, investors and entrepreneurs should always keep their mission in mind and do business with adherence to legal and ethical standards in a suitable environment. Although each country and region has different management methods for blockchain and cryptocurrency, this has not hindered the rapid development of blockchain technology in various fields. In art, for instance, according to Jason Bailey’s article“the Blockchain Art Market Is Here”on Artnome, blockchain will“disrupt the art market”in the following four areas”. 1. Driving digital art sales through digital scarcity 2. Democratizing fine art investment 3. Improving provenance and reducing art forgery 4. Creating a more ethical way of paying artists Maecenas, Verisart、smartchain are examples of the attempts being made by blockchain in the art industry. Blockchain has been developing at an increasingly rapid space, but it has a long way to go. As Amara's Law says: People often overestimate the near-term effects of technology but underestimate the long-term effects of technology. Blockchain attempts to use technology as a solution to compensate for the lack of trust, and the landing and practice of its business model will be of groundbreaking significant.

香港证券及期货事务监察委员会[T he Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong]声明加密货币在香港属于证券的一种,因此密码货币的使用在法律上受到委员会的管辖,也将使用证券交易法进行管理。



以艺术为例,根据Jason Bai ley刊登在Artnome上的文章《区块链艺术市场已经来临(The Blockchain Art Market Is Here)》,区块链技术将在以下四方面改革艺术市场: 1.数字稀缺将推动数字艺术销售; 2.民主化艺术投资; 3.改善出处并减少伪造品; 4.创造一种对艺术家更人性化的付费方式。

在西方涌现一批项目,如M a e c e n a s、Verisart、smartchain等,就是区块链技术在艺术市场的一些尝试。

区块链发展方兴未艾,却又任重道远。如同Amara's Law(amara定理)说的:人们常常高估技术的近期作用,却低估技术的长期影响。区块链试图用技术作为弥补信任缺失的解决方案,其商业模式的落地与实践,将具有划时代的意义。

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