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Contemporary Literary Criticism - - 会议综述 -

Multi - modal Signs,Embodiment,and Aesthetic Activities / Ma Dakang 4

The Language of His Own / Li Jianju 10

Trudging in the Maze of Text and Theory:An Interview with Professor Chen Xiaoming / Fan Yingchun 14 A Historical Depiction and Academic Perspective of the Development of Contemporary Literary Theory: A Commentary on From Formalism to Historicism:An Exploration of the Deep Mechanism of the

" Outward Turning" of the Late Literary Theory / Tao Shuiping 21

Chinese Narrative Tradition and Its Aesthetic Wisdom / Guo Zhaodi 25

Novel Style and " Totality" Idea:On the Creation of the Novelettes in Recent Years / Duan Chongxuan 37 On the Chinese Academic Novels in the New Period / Fan Xing,Xiao Chuchu 42

Chinese Feminist Thoughts and Female Writing in the New Period / Tao Jiajie 46

A " Call" from the Native Soil:On Jia Pingwa's Chinese Experience / Wang Huawei 63

Narrative Intersection and Cultural Interchange:An Intertextual Analysis of A - Lai's Fairy Ring and

Three Cordyceps / Yang Bo 76

Monkey,Mask,and Schizophrenia:On Xu Zechen's Metropolis Wang Cheng Ru Hai)/ Xu Yong 85

The Birth of a Literary Myth:A Re - discussion of the Western Prose in the 1990s / Wang Guilu 108

The Discourse Context of Enlightenment Myth and Its Critical Reflection / Wen Qiaoping,Wu Jingfang 119 Urban Youth Films:The Movie Narratives of " Post - adolescence" / Wang Hui,Ouyang Yifei 138

What Is Tradition and How to Inherit It?:A Review of Chinese Literary and Art Theory Summit 2017

/ Liu Xiaobo 146

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