KEVIN MA maps out two classic Seattle-set films from the ’90s 馬樂民訪尋兩齣1990年代在西雅圖拍攝的經典電影足跡

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KEVIN MA revisits the locations of two ’90s Seattle classics – Singles and Sleepless in Seattle

SEATTLE HAS BEEN featured in many blockbusters from the Twilight trilogy and 10 Things I Hate About You to the American remake of Japanese horror

The Ring. But for Gen Xers, there are two films that truly put Seattle on the pop culture map: Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle and Cameron Crowe’s Singles.

Set before the internet changed the dating scene, Sleepless in Seattle offers a classic Hollywood romance with a twist: the two main characters don’t meet faceto-face until the very last scene. While most viewers remember this climactic encounter on New York City’s Empire State Building (a direct reference to An Affair to Remember), the film’s Seattle locations are arguably even more enduring.

Singles also delves into the complexities of dating, against a backdrop of Seattle’s then- burgeoning grunge scene – the film features a performance by Soundgarden, members of Pearl Jam appear as fictional band Citizen Dick and the film’s characters are regular grunge concert- goers.

Revisit memorable moments from both films in these six Seattle locations.


Opposite the giant Cinerama multiplex, on the corner of Lenora Street and Fourth Avenue, is a small, unassuming park. That’s where you’ll find the Old Man on Bench sculpture, where Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) discusses matters of the heart with her best friend in Singles. The park also has a complementary sculpture, aptly named Old Woman on Bench.


A visit to Pike Place Market is a must for any visitor to Seattle. But for 25 years, fans of Sleepless in Seattle have been making the pilgrimage to eat at the Athenian, where Rob Reiner’s character gives Sam ( Tom Hanks) advice on getting back into the dating scene. Arrive early to nab the same seats on the corner of the counter where Hanks and Reiner sat in the film.


In Singles, Linda and her future beau Steve (Campbell Scott), have their awkward ‘water date’ at the Virginia Inn, located on the corner of First Avenue and Virginia Street. The casual bistro has been around since 1903 and now serves up local northwest produce, from Oregon beef to Alaskan seafood, in a French cafémeets- English-pub atmosphere.


In Sleepless in Seattle, Tom Hanks’ character and his son live on a houseboat in the

affluent Lake Union district. When the film came out, the houseboat – located just off Westlake Avenue – became the most famous home in Seattle. It sold for US$2.5 million (HK$19.5 million) in 2014, but the exterior remains the same as it appeared in the film. A chartered lake tour will take you sailing past the floating house as well as sights like the Space Needle, Gas Works Park and St Mark’s Cathedral.


The Soundgarden concert in Singles was filmed inside Central Saloon on First Avenue. This 125-year- old bar was a hotbed of grunge, hosting bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains and, of course, Soundgarden. It’s still going strong today with live performances every weekend.


In Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan’s character secretly follows Tom Hanks’ character across the city. The spot where Ryan looks on as Hanks and his son play on the beach is a branch of Duke’s Seafood & Chowder. Head to the second-floor deck to enjoy similar views over Alki Beach. 不少賣座電影均在西雅圖取景,包括《吸血新世紀》三部曲、《戀愛新世紀,》以及改編自日本恐怖片的荷李活版本《七夜冤靈》。對於X世代來說, Nora Ephron的《緣份的天空》和Cameron Crowe的《單身族一 》兩部電影才真正把西雅圖納入流行文化版圖。

《緣份的天空》的故事發生於互聯網顛尚未 覆約會模式的年代,兩位主角直到最後一幕才正式碰面,突破典型荷李活愛情電影的套路。雖然紐約帝國大廈相遇的一幕(向《金玉盟》致敬)才是電影高但潮, 片中的西雅圖場景也許更令人回味無窮。

《單身族採一 》 用西雅圖當時冒起的grunge搖滾浪潮為背,景 細緻描述錯綜複雜的男歡女愛。電影加插搖滾隊樂Soundgarden的演段出片 ,又邀請Pearl Jam樂隊成員粉墨登場,組成戲中虛構的Citizen Dick樂隊而, 一眾角更色是grunge搖滾音樂會的常客。



在Cinerama大方電影院對面, Lenora Street街與Fourth Avenue大道的交界,有個毫不起眼的小公園,公園有座長凳老翁的雕塑。在《單身族一 》中, Linda(Kyra Sedgwick飾)就坐在凳上跟閨蜜吐心聲。無獨偶有 ,園公 還放了長凳老婦的雕塑,大有成雙成對的意。味 Athenian 海鮮餐廳吧酒

到訪派克市場是遊客去西雅圖的指動定作但, 25年來, Athenian海鮮餐廳酒吧才是《緣份的天空》影迷朝聖之地,戲中Rob Reiner飾演色的角 就在這裡勸解Sam(Tom Hanks飾)再度尋愛。不妨早點到達,佔據二人曾經坐著的吧台一隅,懷緬一番。

Virginia Inn餐館

《單身族一 》的故事中, Linda和未來夫婿Steve(Campbell Scott飾)就在Virginia Inn餐館上演了一場尷尬的「清約水 會」。這間小餐館位於First Avenue大道和Virginia Street街界交 ,歷史悠久,於1903年開張至今,店內瀰漫著法式咖啡室與英式酒吧的氣氛,主打俄勒岡州牛肉和阿拉斯加海鮮等美國西北部本土美。食

Lake Union區

Tom Hanks在《緣份的天空》中跟兒子住在富裕的Lake Union區的船屋裡。電影上映後,這於間位 Westlake Avenue大道附近的船屋在西雅圖聲名大噪,2014年以更 250萬美元( 1,950萬港元)售出,外觀仍保留電影中的面貌。當地設有水上遊覽團,帶你日遊船屋,還有太空針塔、Gas Works公園及聖馬可教堂等景點。

Central Saloon酒吧

《單身族一 》的Soundgarden演唱會在是First Avenue大道的Central Saloon拍攝。這間擁有125年歷史的酒吧是grunge搖滾文化的搖,籃 Nirvana、Alice in Chains和Soundgarden等隊樂 曾在這裡演出。時至今天酒吧依然人氣鼎盛,每個周末都舉行現場表演。

Duke’sSeafood & Chowder餐廳

在《緣份的天空》裡,角女主 Meg Ryan偷偷地跟蹤男角主 Tom Hanks走遍大街小巷。有一幕,看男角她 到 主 跟兒子在沙灘上嬉戲,那裡正是Duke’s Seafood & Chowder的分店。不妨登上二樓平台回味戲戲裡外Alki Beach呈現美。的景

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