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We the Animals ‘A poetic, often ecstatic recreation of childhood that captures its ungovernable pleasures as vividly as its most threatening terrors’ – Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday《We the Animals》以充滿詩意而熱情式的方 呈現童年生活,將自由奔放的歡樂與驚心動魄的事件表達得活靈現活 。

–《華盛頓郵報》影評人 Ann Hornaday

Mirai (top) ‘ Mirai is, despite its family-size stakes, daring. It’s this decision to portray the very real feelings and actions of a jealous child from that child’s point of view that makes the film so admirable’ – Japan Times’ Matt Schley《未來來的未 》(上圖)

《未來的未來》以大膽的方式講述一個小家庭的故事,並從兒童的角度來呈現一個妒忌的小朋友內心的真切感行受和 為,令人激賞。

–《Japan Times》評影人Matt Schley

Three Identical Strangers ‘ What begins as a light and fluffy, too-weird-to-be-fiction story goes unimaginably deeper, stranger, darker’

– The Seattle Times’ Brent McKnight《三個相同的陌生人》一起件 初看似輕鬆有趣而離奇古怪的真人真事,在深入發掘之後,卻發現更不可、思議 更黑暗的真相。

–《The Seattle Times》評影人Brent McKnight

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