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Director 導演/ Mamoru Hosoda細守田Stars 演員/ Moka Kamishiraishi 上白石萌歌、Haru Kuroki 黑木華

THE LATEST film from popular animation director Mamoru Hosoda ( The Boy and the Beast) is also one of his most personal. Four-year- old Kun (Kamishiraishi) finds his position in the family threatened when his baby sister is born. Through grand fantasy sequences seen through Kun’s perspective, the film delves into questions of family bonds and insecurities.

深受歡迎的電動畫 影導演細田守(前作《怪物之子》)的最新作品,也是他最個人的作品。四歲的小君(上白石萌歌聲演)由於妹妹出生,感到自己在家中的地位受到威脅。透過小君的觀點,電影呈現連串奇幻的情節和場面,探討家人之間的關係與小孩子缺乏安全感問的。題

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