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娛樂 97 ENTERTAINMENT INDIAN CINEMA SHORT FILMS 錄片 錄片 錄片 片 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 達 題 題 遇 片 錄片 錄片 錄片 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 加 出加 授輕運 希 片 錄片 錄片 錄片 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 分鐘 出 加 踏 過 Documentary 紀 Director 導演/ Sumie Garcia 21 min / NR A Japanese immigrant living in Mexico shares his story from his photo studio. 居於墨西哥的日本移民,分享在日攝影室 到的種種事情。 Documentary 紀Director 導演/ David Freid 10 min / NR A theme park in Sweden that celebrates America’s Wild West becomes a home for refugees fleeing civil war. 以美國西部為 的瑞典主公園,成為逃避內戰難民的避難所。 Documentary 紀40 min / NR Newly arrived refugees face the trials and tribulations of life in Montana, US. 剛抵 美國蒙大拿州的難民,面對艱辛而不安定的生活。 PADMAAVAT Drama 劇情 Director 導演/ Sanjay Leela Bhansali Stars 演員/ Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor 143 min / PG13 The exceptional beauty of Mewar’s queen, Padmavati (Padukone), sparks a war waged by a tyrant.一名暴君垂涎小國Mewar的王后Padmavati(Padukone飾的)絕世美,色 不惜發動戰爭。 KAALA Drama 劇情 Director 導演/ Pa. Ranjith Stars 演員/ Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar PG13 135 min / Kaala (Rajinikanth) unites his people against a ruthless politician (Patekar). Kaala(Rajinikanth飾)為保家園,與居民一起對抗的無情 政客( Patekar飾。) GENERATION ONE Documentary 紀 Director 導演/ Sohib Boundaoui 16 min / NR The American-born children of Arab Muslim immigrants in Chicago try to balance their two identities. 在國美 生的阿拉伯穆斯林兒童,在芝 哥生活並努力在兩個不同的身份認同之間取得平。衡 PITCHING UP Documentary 紀 Director 導演/ Maurice O'Brien 16 min / NR In Ireland, a policeman teaches young immigrant children how to play traditional Gaelic games.愛爾蘭一名警察教 年 移民兒童當地的傳統蓋爾式 動。 SEARCHING FOR WIVES Documentary 紀 Director 導演/ Zuki Juno Tobgye 12 min / NR In Singapore, a migrant worker from South India tries to find a wife before his 32nd birthday.來自南印度的新 坡移民工人,望在32歲前能覓得終生伴侶。 TOUCH CHESI CHUDU Action / Adventure 動作/歷險Director 導演/ Vikram Sirikonda Stars 演員/ Ravi Teja, Raashi Khanna 135 min / PG13 A policeman ( Teja) struggles to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life.一名警察( Teja飾)努力保持私生活和事業之間的平衡。 GEORGE AND GEORGE ON THE LAKE Documentary 紀 Director 導演/ Piotr Malecki 28 min / NR Two 83-year-old men with a passion for sailing share a summer on the lakes together.兩名熱愛揚帆 海的83歲老人在湖上共度盛夏。 REBUILDING IN MINIATURE Documentary 紀Director 導演/ Veena Rao 8 min / NR An Iraqi artist living in Turkey creates detailed miniatures of places he has imagined but has never been to. 居於土耳其的伊拉克藝術家憑想像力精心製造多個地方的細緻微縮模型,全都是日從未 足 的。地方 WE BECAME FRAGMENTS Documentary 紀 Directors 導演/ Luisa Conlon, Lacy Jane Roberts, Hanna Miller 13 min / NR A Syrian teenager and his father make a new life for themselves in Canada. 敘利亞青年和父親在 拿大展開新生。 Over 200 films onboard. See the interactive menu for full listings機上備有逾200部電影供選擇,請於互動選單查看所有電影 短片精選 印度電影 FAMILIAR TALE HIGH CHAPARRAL RENGA FOR THE WEST

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