Samantha Leese與我們前往亞洲多家可與猩猩、大象、鯨魚以及其他動物接觸的酒店SAMANTHA LEESE finds hotels where encounters with apes, elephants, whales and more come as standard

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Asia Pacific’s best wildlife experiences: including walking with elephants, whale-spotting, pandas and orangutans 亞太區最佳野生動物體驗,包括與大象散步、觀鯨、大熊貓與猩猩

ANIMAL TOURISM HAS come a long way since the heyday of zoos, sea parks and circuses.

Now a growing number of hotels in Asia Pacific, from luxury resorts to ecolodges, offer immersive and ethical animal encounters as a way for guests to experience a place through its natural inhabitants.

It’s a global trend that has caught on in Asia as travellers become increasingly affluent and aware, with more and more willing to pay a premium on their holidays to reduce their carbon footprint, or mould eco-conscious young minds.

Lucy Jackson of Lightfoot Travel says that animal-focused requests often come from families, which make up a third of the agency’s business. She adds: ‘Our guests want to show their children the natural world. To see the circle of life unfold in front of their young eyes is to illuminate our own sense of wonder.’

Here are the best ethical animal experiences in Asia Pacific. 自從動物園、水公族 園與馬戲團大行其道以來,動物觀光經已大有進步。

目前亞太區愈來愈多酒店,無論是豪華度假村還是環保旅舍,均客讓 人以身歷其境及合乎人道的方式接觸動物,藉此了解及體驗當地的自然環境。


Lightfoot Travel旅行社的Lucy Jackson表示,不少家庭會要求排安 以動為物 主題的旅程佔, 了旅行社業務的三分之一。她補充道:「我們的客希人 望讓子女接觸大自然的世界。讓小朋友親身體驗生命循環不息,可以引發好奇心。」



Western Australia approved swimming with humpback whales at Ningaloo in 2016. Sal Salis, a dreamy beachside safari camp, runs tours from August to October, when some 30,000 whales migrate through the area. Only a handful of people from each boat are allowed in the water at one time so as not to disturb the animals. All swimmers must be confident and able to snorkel.


西澳於2016年起准許人們於寧格魯岸礁一帶與座頭鯨一起游泳。薩爾薩里斯是位於海灘、上 景色迷人的野生生態觀察營,每年8月至10月,約有30,000條鯨魚在遷徙時經過這一帶,營地會舉辦導賞團出海觀鯨。每艘船每次只容許少量客乘 下水,以免打擾鯨魚。所有下水的泳客必須懂得游泳及浮潛。

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